Innovation Guerilla (in a Nutshell)

Innovation Guerilla (in a Nutshell)

(Free) Innovation Guerilla (in a Nutshell)

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Book Snippet : Innovation Guerilla is an approach that is focused on the social dimension of innovation. An inspiration or a good idea does not by any means suffice. It is essential to convince others of the reasonability and necessity of the innovation and to bring it to market maturity. The more radical an innovation is, the more engagement is required in one’s social environment to anchor the “new” in the heads and hearts of people. Innovation results e.g. in new technologies and changes the economy but it also educates the customer to change her/his consumer behaviour and to try new solutions. Innovation Guerrilla uses methods like paradox interventions, social sculptures, hidden theatre etc. The approach is based on Wittgenstein’s insights concerning language games, dogma and style. It critically deals with all the dogmas in the area of innovative processes from the point of view of knowledge management. The difference between dogma and style could be described insofar as the dogma is based on rules whereas style is oriented towards values and principles. Within a dogmatic organization the function of an insight is to prove the dogma as true whereas a style driven organization uses new insights for its further development. Wittgenstein’s concept of style is also a reason why Innovation Guerilla prefers aesthetic ways of articulation used e.g. during performances, happenings and public interventions in order to help us to recognize the scope of actions available, to enhance and to optimally utilize them.